It is a real shield against environmental stress. It plays a crucial role in the elasticity and the softness of the skin. Contrary to industrial soaps, hard and detergent, the naturally emollient glycerol-coated soap obtained by the cold process soap-making method has a limited detergent power.

The presence of natural glycerine allows a gentle soaping that quickly reconstitutes the hydrolipidic film of the skin. No feeling of dryness or tightness is felt.


This time-honoured and energy-efficient process allows to save the nourishing properties of vegetable oil and get a rich glycerine soap that is gentle on your skin.


A fatty acid oil (and/or vegetable butters) reacts with a strong base (water and soda), to create a type of salt (the soap) and glycerin, which is an alcohol.

Oils and vegetable butters are not heated so that they keep all their soothing, nourishing and moisturizing qualities.


Made with an excess of fat over soda, 6%, this unsaponified oil remains in the soap under an oily form, keeping all its original nourishing qualities.


Once they are made, our soaps are preserved for one month so that the excess water evaporates and the cold process soap-making method is over.